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Video impressie ICTU Café 11 februari 2020

Publicatie 19 feb 2020
Een video impressie van het ICTU Café over digital cross border services in Europe met bijdragen van Minister Karu (Estland) en Hetty Lucassen (BZK).

Transcript ICTU Café Digital Cross Border Services

Welcome everybody to a new ICTU Cafe. This time the subject of the ICTU Cafe is Europe.

Maybe not everybody is aware of the single digital gateway. It means most of the services we supply.
So, the information we supply to the Dutch citizens or Estonian citizens we are obliged to also service, on the same level, for European citizens and companies.

And in addition, these implementations offer us the opportunity to be smarter in the area of our own internal Dutch digital government and government services.
And thus, we reduce administrative burdens for all citizens and entrepreneurs. And to improve our own services. The Netherlands is not alone in this implementation and is already working closely with the other member states. After all, but more important: Solo you travel fast, but together you move forward.

We have started looking at services that were provided by the government. Not just from the “let’s make something digital” point of view, but really from the customer or from the user point of view.  
In our terms every citizen is our customer as well, for the government.  So we need to develop services for the customers.

Customer experience is very, very important. And a very important point on this is, all of this is done in collaboration between the government and the private sector.
So, it is not just the government trying to do things, it is also involving the private sector. The development work is often done by the private sector. You have teams that have the private sector, the developers, but also the government officials working in one team. Developing these things as products. Very very close collaboration. And this is where understanding the context comes in as well.

You need to understand the context, you need to understand what you are dealing with. To choose which is the best management way or management method to use. Sometimes you need to manage things as projects, some things are programs and some things are products. And you can’t use the same methodology or method for everything.

And the trap that we have fallen in to around the world for the past fifty years, perhaps even longer. Is trying to find this one silver bullet. That one method that works for everything. And try to use this across the board. And fail and fail and fail. So we need to get out of that trap. To bring the way we look at the government closer to reality and making the government not the one that controls but the one that enables.

So, I strongly believe that the role of the government is to enable. Which again is perhaps a change from how things are being done in the past.

Okay, thank you very much and let’s start with the drinks. 

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